Hands on consulting in wireless product architecture, design, system analysis, simulation, system integration, hardware and firmware development, early stage design concepts, and intellectual property

Technology areas include wireless data, voice and video, WLAN, WWAN, WiMax, LTE, Wi-Fi including 802.11a/b/g, 802.11n, 802.11ac, interference management, MIMO, OFDM, Space-time processing, MMSE, Single Carrier, SC-FDE, spatial multiplexing, beamforming, multi-user MIMO, ARQ, transmit precoding, antennas, modulations (QAM, FSK, PSK, PPM, PCM, etc.), and other narrowband  and spread spectrum technologies (FH, DSSS, CDMA, UWB), FEC, interleaving, wireless sensor networks, RFID (passive, BAP, Active, UHF, HF, and NFC), RTLS and asset tracking.

Technical expertise spans analog, digital, and RF circuit and filter design, antenna design, sampling, complex modulation and demodulation, signal processing, microcontrollers, multiprocessing, firmware, digital interfaces, C, Verilog, air protocol design, wireless networking, security and authentication, asset tracking, real time location, multipath processing, signal processing, homologation, regulatory agency and standards issues.

Expert witness experience includes more than 15 cases split across plaintiff and defendant, IPRs, contracts and licensing.

Key Career Work & Achievements

  • Co-Patented foundation technology in 802.11b used in all Wi-Fi chips (over 2 Billion sold/year)
  • Co-chair of RFID EPC Gen2 Working Group; also participated in harmonizing ISO 18000-6C standard with EPC Gen2 and worked in multiple industry and end user groups
  • Developed industry leading multi-protocol WLAN, cellular backhaul and bridging products
  • Products and systems successfully designed and commercialized throughout vertical industries ranging from retail and manufacturing to healthcare to government and defense
  • Six years at MIT Lincoln Lab developing high bandwidth signal processing for advanced packet radio networks, including RF, analog, digital, and microcontroller support circuits